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Real Estate Investment Strategies
The Monticello Group sources money from private lenders to real estate professionals seeking loans for purchasing or developing commercial property, raw land and other investment real estate.
Advantages of Real Estate Lending Strategies
The Monticello Group is an excellent source of interim financing. TMG works with local banks in assisting their clients acquire and develop commercial and investment Real Estate, season it, allowing the bank to refinance the property into long term financing.
  • Work with borrowers and their bankers in creating exit strategies which comply with banking guidelines
  • All transactions reviewed by Lending committee consisting of licensed Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, and former bank executives
  • Exit strategies reviewed and approved for market tolerance
  • Loans are secured by Real Estate. All appraisals are completed by AIA certified licensed appraisers
  • Maximum LTV ceilings imposed to ensure safe credit transactions,
  • Loans are kept “in balance” by matching dollars advanced against actual improvements made and increase in finished value of project.
  • Personal Guarantees required from every borrower
  • Appropriate insurance required on every deal (Builders Risk, Fire and hazard, Title)
  • Partner with Maryland attorney who specializes in real estate transactions and experienced in short term interim financing, and is a certified escrow account through the state of Maryland
  • Legal counsel prepares and attends each settlement
  • Funds designated for improvements are escrowed with attorney until draw inspections approved,
  • Funding, pay off and loan debt service managed through licensed Maryland MAIF account
  • Customized promissory note and DOT
The Monticello Group
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