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Financial Business Strategies - Financial Consulting Services

TMG’s Financial Business Strategies Group provides real estate functional and process experts to assist clients extract the full benefit of advances in technology and Federal Guideline changes in the national Secondary Market. Our experts focus on best-practices methodology to improve our client’s productivity, profitability and shareholder value.

Additionally, TMG’s Finance Practice Manager is one of fewer than 1000 Mortgage Professionals who has earned the Master Certified Mortgage Bankers (CMB) designation from the National Mortgage Bankers Associations. This designation recognizes leaders in the industry who create a higher standard of professionalism and integrity, mold the industry’s future, and have demonstrated a broad knowledge of the real estate finance industry.

Some of the areas of expertise are:

Real Estate Portfolio Risk and Analysis + more info

The Monticello Group provides portfolio risk analysis, determines the impact of layered risk on the performance of the portfolio, and identifies ways to minimize risk while remaining competitive in the market place.

• Systems and Process Improvement + more info

The Monticello Group brings exceptional knowledge of business management best practices, sales generation efforts, marketing plan implementation, risk performance analysis, and P&L accountability providing our clients with rapid results that enhances shareholder value.

Policy and Procedure Development + more info

The Monticello Group excels at creating policies and procedures to enhance and strengthen controls and increase quality in production LOB’s, compliance, and disaster recovery areas.

Process Reengineering + more info

The Monticello Group excels in assisting companies analyze systems and workflows, enhance income, and reduce expenses resulting in bottom-line profitability.

Federal Lending Guideline Compliance + more info

The Monticello Group will identify key opportunities to strengthen internal controls to comply with Federal Guidelines.

Merger and Acquisition Analysis and Integration + more info

The Monticello Group will assist your organization analyze potential acquisitions, determine the appropriate organizational structure and required staffing levels, establish potential procedural and workflow improvements, and identify automation opportunities.

Strategic Planning + more info

The Monticello Group specializes in guiding management teams in communicating the corporate vision, understanding the competition, assessing the corporate strengths, and identifying barriers to the growth of the organization, discussing strategy, setting priorities, and making key decisions.

Channel Management + more info

The Monticello Group will show your organization how to manage volume, monitor fallout and pull through, and measure profitability per channel.

Construction Lending + more info

The Monticello Group will establish risk management, project review, and disbursement administration procedures to ensure that projects remain in balance and mitigate losses.

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